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New Smyrna Beach, NSB, Coronado Beach History

Coronado Beach, located in the city of New Smyrna Beach in Florida, has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. The area was first explored by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León in 1513, during his quest to find the legendary fountain of youth. He named the area "Smyrna" after the ancient city of Smyrna in present-day Turkey. The beach itself was named "Coronado" in honor of the Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, who explored the American Southwest in the 16th century.

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NSB, History and Development of New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach (NSB) is a coastal city located in Volusia County, Florida. The history of NSB dates back to the late 18th century when Spanish explorer Andrew Turnbull established a colony on the east coast of Florida. The colony, known as New Smyrna, was primarily composed of indentured servants from the Mediterranean region, including Greece and Italy.

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