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The Craft of Time: Understanding Automatic Watches at NSB Watch

Discover the art of automatic timekeeping with NSB Watch, where innovation meets tradition. Our Canaveral series epitomizes the self-winding watch, a marvel of engineering that harnesses your movement to mark the passage of time. Crafted for the modern adventurer, NSB's automatic watches are a testament to precision, designed to be an enduring legacy on your wrist. Join us in exploring the elegance of automatic watches and experience the seamless blend of heritage and convenience with NSB Watch.

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How do automatic watches work?

Automatic watches are mechanical timepieces that use a system of gears and springs to keep time and power the watch's functions. Here's a general overview of how an automatic watch works:

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Are automatic watches any good?

Automatic watches are highly prized by many people for their craftsmanship, durability, and reliability. Here are a few reasons why some people consider automatic watches to be good:

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